Most successful owners know there is a careful balance to tread between adding personal and quirky homemade touches to their guests’ experience of their guesthouse or B&B and overwhelming their guests with too much personality in the accommodation, not to mention their own personal quirks as individuals.

Leveraging the power of welcoming personal touches that contribute to memorable hospitality in a guesthouse or B&B is a very worthwhile approach that has the potential to reward your business with positive word of mouth promotion and repeat business.

However, too often, the fact that owners are converting their homes into businesses can allow them to lose sight of the fact that, despite their guests’ presence in their homes, their guests need to begin as customers – even if they might eventually become friends.

Arguably there are guests that choose to stay in a B&B who do so out of preference for a more homely experience. However, it’s fair to say that an equal – if not greater – proportion of guests choose a B&B over a hotel because of their budget. For these guests particularly, they probably won’t want to become privy to the owners’ family history and they won’t want to have the feeling that they’re encroaching on the owners’ personal living space.

Personal touches for these guests are appreciated in the form of thoughtful touches – such as an arrival gift of homemade cookies – and the care, planning and quality that’s gone into the design and decor of their bedroom space.

If you worry about getting the balance right for your business, one easy winner with all guests is a clean and luxuriously comfortable bed. A fundamental part of their stay, look after your guests’ sleep and tip the balance in favour of your business when you work with Millbrook Contract Beds.

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