Beck and call

 For many people, their careers are more than just a job – they’re a calling.

This tends to be the case with any career that comes with a certain level of sacrifice and, for this reason, people who passionately follow careers in hospitality have to be following a calling.

Hospitality careers are sacrificial on lots of levels, which is why, if you don’t take joy out of taking care of other people’s needs, there’s a very good chance you won’t have an enjoyable (or a long) career in hospitality.

Similarly to hospital work, hospitality careers not only mean putting your guests needs before your own while you’re working, but combine this with split shifts and antisocial hours and it will all have a bigger impact on your home and family life than your typical nine to five. In fact the similarity between the words ‘hospital’ and ‘hospitality’ isn’t coincidental, the names of both derive from the Latin ‘hospes’ to refer to the care of guests or strangers.

At Millbrook Contract Beds we enjoy taking care of people too. For us, that means taking care of the sleep needs of guests from the hotels and guest houses we provide beds for.

Ensuring guests enjoy a relaxing and restorative nights sleep is a fundamental part of looking after their needs. If your true calling is to give your guests the best hospitality possible, give them luxurious sleep with Millbrook Contract Beds.

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