Club 18-30

There’s been a fair bit of coverage of a new type of club 18-30 where membership has nothing to do with age and everything to do with size.

The 18-30 stone club has been the feature of newspaper articles and even a recently aired ITV programme My 18-30 Stone Holiday (catch it while you can on ITV Hub). The programme features a group of plus size British tourists as they encounter The Resort, the world’s first hotel that caters specifically to the needs of plus size guests.

Situated on the picturesque Caribbean island of Eleuthera, The Resort lays claim to be the only hotel in the world where the hotel experience has been customised for plus size guests considering everything from the reinforced sun loungers, to widened chairs and door frames, to the thrice-daily availability of ‘comfort food’ buffet catering as well as the opportunity to feel comfortable and relaxed. Learn more about The Resort at

While few hotels are likely to follow suit and possibly fewer guests would choose to distinguish themselves or their holidays by their dress size, with as many as six in ten adults classified as overweight or obese, what adjustments should the hospitality trade be considering so as to not exclude plus size customers?

Small considerations are simple, providing guests with generously sized towels is a gesture appreciated by guests of all shapes and sizes. More significant scale changes such as bathroom size and easy of manoeuvre in tight spaces are more challenging, but may need factoring into the hotel’s long term planned maintenance programme.

One consideration that benefits guests of all sizes is an adequately sized bed capable of providing an appropriate level of comfort and support.

Whether you’re looking to attract club 18-30 guests or not, bigger beds are a no brainer for hoteliers planning for the needs and wants for U.K. holidaymakers and business travellers, and for future of U.K. hospitality.

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