As one of the UK’s biggest commercial bed suppliers, Millbrook Contract Beds has a wealth of experience when it comes to achieving that perfect night’s sleep and is a leading supplier of commercial beds to the Hotel, Leisure Industry, Healthcare Industry and Academic Industry.

Buying a commercial bed is all about getting the balance right between comfort, quality and economy. In the 60 plus years we have been advising clients on their beds we have discovered that everyone has different needs to fulfil.

The key factors to consider with commercial bed buying are the following:

Consider your business and what it is you need to get out of the beds. Hotels, academic residences, care homes, all need different approaches and different commercial beds to suit their respective requirements.

What kind of budget do you have? Are you looking for an economy commercial bed or a luxury commercial bed? All budgets can be catered for with Millbrook Contract Beds in order to give you the right product for your business.

Comfort and support are key elements of any sleep experience. A good commercial bed will support the body at all points providing the right degree of comfort for the sleeper. It is recommended to buy your mattresses and bed bases together as a complete commercial bed package to ensure this.

One of the biggest criticisms that hoteliers suffer from is the lack of free space in a room. Millbrook Contract Beds’ space saving designs are perfect for hotels and academic residences that need to maximise fill rates whilst providing an abundance of free space.

Sleep is an important factor in everyone’s lives. The service industries have a duty to meet a certain standard of quality in terms of their accommodations and commercial beds. Complete customer satisfaction is the desired objective for any business.

That goes for us here at Millbrook too!

Our trade only offers have been designed to benefit those who buy their commercial beds from us as much as possible. Free delivery is offered on the beds direct to your door including setting them up in your selected rooms and the removal and disposal of your old beds at no extra charge.

Millbrook Contract Beds recognises the importance of returning business and customer satisfaction. We want your guests to come back time after time and provide positive word of mouth about the high standards and qualities of your business.

So, if you buying a commercial bed and you need to think comfort and quality, call Millbrook Beds today!

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