Country seat

Wouldn’t we all love to escape to the country?


Some days the frenetic pace of our lives can feel all too much and life somehow feels like it would be so much simpler, healthier even, if we upped sticks and retreated to the countryside.


And it must be a popular fantasy as it’s one people tune into daily on Channel 4! Not only does it make for excellent daytime tv viewing, there’s something quintessentially English to yearn after a country seat like the sweeping and romantic properties featured in our favourite period dramas.


Back in reality though, what is it we really love about the idea of escaping to the country?


For most it has a lot to do with escaping poor lifestyles and accessing rural, private and spacious surroundings in a peaceful setting. For others it may also have to do with aspirations of grandeur, heritage or the notion of an outdoorsy lifestyle.


The good news for the vast majority for whom a country seat will never be a reality, a quality country hotel caters to all of these needs.


Here in Jane Austen county Hampshire, Millbrook Contract Beds works with many of the local countryside hotels providing handmade quality beds using traditional craftsmanship techniques passed down through generations of our heritage-rich family-run business.


Our experience working with hotels over the years means that we know enough to know that what a country retreat lacks in excitement and a buzzing cosmopolitan setting, it has to make up for in comfort, refinement and relaxation.


When comfort and quality counts, contact Millbrook Contract Beds. Supplying beds to quality hotels across the country, put your guests’ relaxation in capable hands.

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