Damp squib

Ever looked forward to a romantic camping trip under the stars with your special someone, only to have the damp, lumpy sleeping surface and creepy crawlies suck the romance from your trip?


Or maybe you’ve looked forward to a romantic weekend B&B getaway with your loved one, only to have the damp, lumpy mattress and creepy crawlies suck the romance from your trip.


Two examples of special getaways that turned out to be damp squibs, with strikingly similar characteristics.


An unfortunate camping experience might be unforgettable but, in the context of the great outdoors, it’s all forgivable and will no doubt be something to look back on and laugh about.


A sub-standard B&B experience is equally unforgettable, but much less so forgivable.


While camping trips rarely live up to the romantic expectations we had our hearts set on, there’s very little excuse for a B&B experience to fall that far from the mark.


B&Bs that offer damp rooms for hire or sub-standard beds with creaking, lumpy and degraded mattresses are inexcusable. In a competitive hospitality industry, there’s no place for owners that refuse to invest in their guests’ basic comfort and hygiene needs. Thankfully few B&Bs get things this badly wrong, but it doesn’t mean to say their guests’ stay doesn’t end up as disappointing nonetheless.


If you’re worried your B&B experience could be your guests’ ‘damp squib’ of a getaway, talk to a member of our Millbrook Contract Beds team today about a range of contract beds to suit your guest clientele and your budget.

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