Earth tones

We’ve arrived at that time of year of falling leaves and fading colours. In a few weeks time when the perennials are bare, the evergreens will take centre stage again, and rightly so.

An evergreen is an unchanging, reliable and ever-beautiful part of the landscape of nature. Perhaps it’s for this reason that nature – both the changing and unchanging aspects of nature – will always inspire interior decor. This inspiration is a typical and a good choice for hotel rooms and foyer spaces as it has a universal appeal and doesn’t date quickly.

If at no other time of year, the festive season is a particular season which sees the outdoors come indoors as we adorn decorative twigs with fairy lights, create wreaths from branches and berries and, the piece de resistance, as we bring the Christmas tree into lobby area.

Beyond the festive season, the design and architecture for modern commercial, mixed use and domestic buildings continues to take cues from the great outdoors and to have an emphasis on creating fluidity between indoor and outdoor spaces. Increasingly we’re seeing spaces that open upwards and outwards, seamlessly connecting homes and commercial spaces with garden spaces and outdoor terraces, using both architecture and cunning decor to achieve a striking connection.

If you love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside for your hotel but don’t have the budget or inclination to undertake a large scale renovation or refurbishment project, an easy way to achieve an understated nature-inspired space is with the use of earth tones in your decor.

Working with Millbrook Contract Beds, you can select from our ranges of handmade contract beds selecting beds and mattresses with all-natural fillings. Better still, because our beds and mattresses are handmade, you can select headboard and divan colours from a broad colour palette to suit the natural, earth tones for your bedroom spaces.

Millbrook Contract Beds, the natural choice for your hotel.

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