Eye of the tiger

So you think you need to travel to Zambia to sleep alongside tigers? Think again.


Tiger Lodge is the newest lodge at the Port Lympne Reserve and offers wildlife lovers – or those in search of a quirky night away – the chance to sleep in a stunningly beautiful and well equipped lodge under the watchful gaze of the big cats just the other side of your window.


Find out more about the stunning Tiger Lodge with its breathtaking views at aspinallfoundation.org


The Port Lympne Reserve isn’t about gimmicks, it’s an authentic, wow-factor experience that is incorporating hospitality into its pre-existing wildlife reserve; it’s a striking concept done well.


The question of how easily a guest would sleep alongside the big cats of course probably depends on the nervous disposition of the guest, and is probably one of those things that you can’t know until you try it.


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