Finely crafted

The new school term has begun which means one thing: the Autumn getaway is officially underway.


The autumn getaway crowd is easily distinguishable from the summer holidaymaker set. Other than the fact that the autumn getaway crowd may or may not have school aged children, guests looking for an autumn in the Uk especially will have different needs and tastes than their summer counterparts. Without the promise of alluring summertime weather, quite often these guests will be in search of something different from their hotel experience as a whole.


These guests, along with many other types of hotel guest, are the reason why boutique hotels have so rapidly increased in popularity. Boutique hotels celebrate quirkiness and finely crafted authenticity and, generally speaking, they are a world away from hotels that cater for universality and feature de-personalised fixtures and furnishings.


Never mistake your guests desire for authenticity for an avenue to cut corners on quality however. Delivering a successful boutique hotel requires a strong eye for detail, a commitment to your vision and a true craftsmanship approach.


If you’re in the process of crafting a unique hotel experience, see your vision through in every detail with Millbrook Contract Beds.


Our craftsmanship approach to hand-making mattresses and beds has been passed down through the generations of our family run business. Over the years we’ve worked with clients big and small whilst staying true to our commitment to the ideals of craftsmanship and we have ranges of beds scalable to your business and your budget.


When it comes to finely crafting a hotel experience for your discerning guests, work with the experts in finely crafted sleep.

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