First things first

The old adage that applies to most customer-facing industries is that ‘the customer comes first’.


That’s all fine and well in theory but, in business, there are a huge number of factors that fight for first place on a day to day basis.


So what comes first in your hotel?


Is it your customers, the welfare of your staff, keeping investors on board, managing your work-life balance, your own plans and ambitions for growth, keeping ahead of local competition, increasing your occupancy rate? If it is your customers, which ones? Hotel guests, bar users, restaurant guests, are they even the same customers?


Looking albeit very briefly at a few priorities that face many hoteliers, it’s clear to see working in management in the hospitality industry is a fine balancing act, made more complex still by the fact that it’s a 24/7 business.


And what about your guests? What are their ‘first things first’ priorities?


As far as your guests are concerned, if your hotel ticks every box but they have a lousy night’s sleep, all the other boxes become null and void.


Whatever priorities govern the running of your hotel, the good business sense of ensuring your guests have good sleep can never be underestimated.


Here at Millbrook Contract Beds we have decades of experience supplying quality hotels and other trade customers. We have a tailored approach that means we can work with you to find a range and specification to suit your hotel, your budget and your refurbishment timescales.


Millbrook Contract Beds, the first name to think of when it comes to contract beds.

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