Flame Retardancy

Hotel beds – safe and fit for purpose?
Are you purchasing safe products, that conform to British Standards required for UK Hotels ?

The best accommodation providers are likely to have high occupancy rates and impressive RevPAR / yield, and therefore a sound investment in appropriate mattresses and beds is of paramount importance. At Millbrook Beds we understand your need to delight and impress your customers, and to ensure you protect yourself as a business from the risk of fire hazards whilst complying with your legal obligations.

Failure to comply with UK fire regulations could lead to legal liability, invalid insurance and the cost of replacing all non-conforming furniture.

At Millbrook Beds we fully conform to the British Fire Regulation Standards. All our mattresses are fully tested in our very own Fire Test Facility, ensuring that every contract mattress that leaves our factory conforms to BS7176:2007 (Crib 5).

A recent case
An American chain of hotels was expanding their business in the UK and supplied upholstered furniture and beds direct from the USA. They were unaware of the UK flammability requirements and were informed by the local fire officer that their furniture would not be acceptable and would need to be replaced with items that complied with BS 7176:2007 – ‘Specification for resistance to ignition of upholstered furniture for non-domestic seating by testing composites’ and BS 7177:2008 – ‘Specification for resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bed bases’.

“The whole set of furniture items had to be replaced with compliant items”

The UK fire officer was alerted by the absence of any informative labels regarding ignition resistance. When an item was tested, the materials failed to meet the requirements of BS 7176. The USA supplier suggested a surface treatment as a remedy, but the fire officer rejected this as it would not be effective in making the foam filling and the covers wholly compliant. The whole set of furniture items had to be replaced with compliant items or be re-upholstered using compliant covers and compliant filling materials.

Buy direct from Millbrook Beds to guarantee your mattress fire regulations will be met. Contact our specialist contracts team to discuss how we can help you.

To learn more about British Fire Regulations visit https://www.satra.co.uk/portal/page.php?id=43

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