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Millbrook Contract Beds is the leading supplier of hotel contract beds in the UK.

Our expertise comes from almost 70 years of experience as a family run firm based in Southampton, where our contract beds are handmade by skilled divan makers and seamstresses. Our prestige is reflected in our clientele, ranging from independent hoteliers to the MoD to Osborne House.

All of our mattresses meet the ‘Crib 5’ fire regulations, upholding the high standards of safety expected without compromising on comfort. Additionally all of our Hotel Contract beds are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and even shapes to suit the practical and aesthetic requirements of individual hotel brands, whilst remaining competitively priced and long-wearing.

We understand that the quality and comfort of a hotel bed is of utmost importance to the hotelier, and are able to provide a bespoke service for your hotel or B&B. We have also compiled all the information you will need when deciding on the hotel bed for you.

We are a company that is proud of its heritage and traditional values, and so take pride in protecting the environment for future generations by designing environmentally friendly mattresses. We take care to use natural materials wherever we can in order to reduce our carbon footprint, and all of our mattresses are handmade in the UK. We also provide a bed removal service for recycling.

Why would you buy a Hotel bed from us?

  • Quality and Comfort
  • Crib 5 Fire regulated
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Bespoke services
  • Skilled, experienced craftsmanship
  • Customised to you hotel’s brand

So, give us a call to discuss your requirements or take a look our range of hotel beds

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