Ostrich effect – part II

This week at Millbrook Contract Beds, we’ve been thinking about the hazards of sticking our heads in the sand when it comes to disgruntled guests. In particular, those hazards can be manifested in stinging online reviews, some of which are plain unfair.


And, this is where the ostrich effect once again comes into play as it turns out even the ostrich itself is the victim of unfair press…


Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand: the myth probably originates from the birds defensive behaviour of lying low at the approach of trouble and pressing their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible. Their plumage blends well with sandy soil and, from a distance, gives the appearance that they have buried their heads in the sand.


Source: OneKind Planet https://onekindplanet.org/animal/ostrich/


The ostrich: just one example of how easily misconception can seemingly turn into fact. Don’t let your guests leave with misconceptions about your hotel.


Hotels give so much thought to their guests’ experience in terms of decor, dining, reception and in-room services. But, amazingly, some still overlook the most intrinsic part of their guests’ stay: how they sleep.


Millbrook Contract Beds supply handmade beds and mattresses to hotels that care how their guests sleep. With ranges of beds and mattresses to suit your clientele and budget, whether to our high end luxury bed to our more basic specification, your guests can enjoy comfortable sleep with a handmade pocket sprung Millbrook Contract Bed.


Mistakes that can lead to bad reviews will always happen; the hospitality industry is 24/7 and your employees are human. However, if your guests have enjoyed a refreshing nights sleep and can see the care and attention you’ve put into your hotel, most guests will be much less likely to care about petty things.

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