Warm welcome

The Christmas story will be retold in many formats in the coming weeks in nativity performances up and down the country. Whether a contemporary or a traditional re-telling, the story will nearly always include one of several central plot themes that there was ~ gasp ~ no room at the inn.


Thankfully in a modern world, room booking systems have come on some way and guests needing to be turned away at the check in desk is a rare occurrence. However, just because there’s always room at the inn nowadays, doesn’t mean to say that guests always get a warm welcome.


Hotels can be accused of going through the motions when it comes to hospitality service standards. The brand manager for hotel owners may prescribe that guests be given a welcome drink (possibly even a welcome gift in luxury hotels) and almost always a standard welcome letter in a guests’ bedroom. But, in the absence of warm service, these gestures can feel hollow.


If you want to raise the bar above your competition and make your guests feel valued, by all means consider providing a welcome gesture at their point of arrival. But make it something quirky, sincere or possibly unique to your hotel or location, otherwise, in all honesty, you’re probably wasting resources.


The truth is that guests don’t necessarily expect gifts from hotels. However, one of the best things hotels can give their guests is what they’ve paid for: a comfortable stay. It might not be something they can eat or take home with them, but our money’s on the fact that they’d rather a good night’s sleep than a freshly baked cookie – even the most delicious cookie in the world isn’t going to substitute for a hard lumpy mattress!


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